January 18, 2006

      The NeoCon Fantasy becomes Reality: Alito and his clones are coming, coming, coming......until Bush's Moving Day

      As the shrill voices of various factions line up across the country urging a filibuster to stop this Bush pick for the Supreme Court, Samuel Alito Jr., one of the most damaging effects of the NeoCon strategy evidences itself, ignored by activists from all factions.
      As could be expected, the Left focuses on the likelihood that with this man empaneled, individual choices in life style and the right to abortion for women will be under fire immediately. Libertarians and conscience aware Republicans are beginning to realize that Alito's attitude on presidential authority, enunciated perfectly by Harvey Silverglate in his opinion piece published yesterday morning in the Boston Phoenix, will provide the means for increasing the attacks on those checks and balances still remaining to us.
     Both sides make the mistake of ignoring the back story. While they recognize that this looming event has distracted most of us from the use of presidential prerogatives to listen in on our conversations, they continue to put the strategic significance of that on the back burner. Using new issues to distract is a well used NeoCon ploy. We are in the last few acts of a play that started when Vietnam was still being fought; then cooperation existed among opponents of the war, right and left. Today it is different. The lack of effective communication between the Left and Right did not come about accidentally. That disconnect was intentionally encouraged and deepened by the NeoCons. As long as Left and Right do not talk changing America's direction is impossible. MORE

February 7, 2006

      Alito is in. If it hadn't been him it would have been one of the clones lined up to take his place provided by the Federalist Society. When the opposition controls both the ball the field and both the teams you cannot win. Now is time to take a hard look at our approach and examine, with egos deactivated, how this happened.
       The Supreme Court is now totally iced, frozen into compliance with the view that America's checks and balances are no longer in force. We discovered a week ago, beyond doubt, that the NeoCon strategy is working. It works so well that the Congress is in effect a one party legislature and that party is not Republican but NeoCon. Make no mistake, the two are not identical. Expect to see independently minded Democrats to go the same way as the independently-minded Republicans did, starting in the late 80s. Therefore changes and reforms that necessitate Congressional action will fail. Protests and call-in campaigns are a waste of time until the voting system has been changed.
       The way to change the voting system is through action at the state and local level and demanding only paper ballots and radically reforming the registration process. Other specific reforms must also be instituted from the local and state level. Until then attempts to influence Congress are a waste of time. MORE

February 7, 2006

       In the wake of the Alito confirmation the Left is in shambles, unfocused, unbalanced, and unable to act. They are not alone.
      Large sections of those who identify themselves as republican or libertarian or independent are living through a deer in the headlights moment; they know that the executive mandate now poised like a sovereign anointing over the head of George W. Bush is the last thing they want. But their tools for organizing political protest, the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party, are lost to them, swallowed up by the NeoCons who so suavely converted their labor and lives to cold hard cash in NeoCon pockets. NeoCons are no more Republican than they are Democrats.
      The 'game' of politics has turned into a reality as frightening as Godzilla arising from the Hudson River to eat New York.
     That is the bad news. The good news is that the means are within our grasp to drive a wedge in the machinery of tyranny now poised to roll over the rights and lives of Americans. It is time to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and to get serious about a common understanding of our rights, where they originate and who has them.   MORE

February 13, 2006

     The First Amendment
   Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. 
     George W. Bush has dismissed the Constitution and Bill of Rights as “just words on paper.” As Americans confront the grasping hands of this administration, we need to remember where their rights originate. Blood and courage from mortal men and women established the rights enumerated and the Constitution would not have been ratified without each of those Amendments, most especially the First Amendment.
     Those mere words, all forty-four of them, tell us that the truth is the first and best defense against oppression. MORE