The number of articles number in the hundreds.  My last personal site was hacked, along with several other sites which were used to outline the shape and intentions of a smallish group of individuals who had reasons to want me silenced. Naturally, being female, I was not taken seriously by the MSM or the political hacks who, today, control the organizations keeping us aimed off the edge of the cliff monetarily and for human rights.   


How the NeoCons Stole Freedom , started in early 2005, was my first blog.  Articles appearing there also appeared at OpEdNews and elsewhere.  

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A few articles were published earlier.  Until I found the site on the WayBack Machine I had forgotten about them.  


​Articles were published in multiple locations on the Internet and I did not keep track.  The loss of the website which I used to log all of them in December 2011 made these articles much less available.  More will probably surface from other sites.  

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