Coping with Bad Billionaires, Psychopaths and Presidents' Disinformation when researching due diligence on me,                                           Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Due Diligence is done to ascertain the facts when these are deliberately clouded in doubt.  This is routine for corporations; but also appropriate for corporate officers.  As a strong advocate for transparency in both finance and media, I want you to have the facts. Please read the links and documents here provided.

If you have been paid to do research on me, I want to make it easy for you.  Documents are provided through links along with both time lines and the narrative below.  When I began publishing to the web on these issues it was 2006.  Then and now I have powerful political and corporate enemies worth billions, who can afford to pay for disinformation.  Be wise, do a thorough job with these links.  I hope to shorten your time on task.

This became necessary as a matter of protecting myself, my son Arthur, and my important work and associates from both disinformation attacks and other kinds as well.  Note that I am also available for interviews on the materials herein provided.  Just ask.   PHONE


Born:  October 26, 1948 to Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Pillsbury.  See Family Background​​
     Birth Name:  Mary Linda Pillsbury.  I have been known as Melinda Pillsbury-Foster since 1973 including when I was married.  My surname is a combination my born name, Pillsbury, and Foster in honor of my great-grandmother, Dr. Harriet Foster Pillsbury, a physican who graduated from the Women's Infirmary of NY in 1880.  My parents named me Mary Linda, fulfilling a family naming practice which gave me my mother's first name, Mary, and Linda.  This allowed them to call me Melinda, in memory of Dr. Pillsbury's Aunt Belinda, my paternal grandmother Sylvia Ball's sister.   
I have been called Melinda from childhood. (See Family Lineage)

      My first born child:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux, now known as Morgan Pillsbury Gell
Morgan's name today reflects her choice to change her first name to Morgan, by usage, when she was about 17.  She became Pillsbury when my parents adopted her legally when she was 12.  Gell is her married name.  She married Jay E. Gell in 2005, then several months pregnant with her first of two children.  Morgan appears to be a psychopath, as was her biological father, my first husband. Richard Lee Barteaux.    I was 17 at the time.  The marriage lasted about seven months. 

      I have five biological children from the first two of my three marriages.  
     Since 1997, I have been the caretaker for my disabled son, Arthur Edward Foster since he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury during a traffic accident at age 19.  This occurred in September 1997.  Six months later Arthur, then handicapped but struggling for recovery, was persuaded to shoot himself in the brain by his adopted father, Craig Franklin.  Craig Franklin Wills.  
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
- recent photograph
Craig had insisted on adopting all five of my biological children, including the oldest, Morgan, who had been adopted by my parents when she was 12.  The  father of the others, is my second husband, Ronald Edward Kellett (Foster).

Ron took the name 'Foster' for his own reasons.  I was never sure of his reasons for this.  He did not consult me. The change took place around 1975.  Ron's born surname is Kellett. Ron ceded his parental rights to Craig as part of an agreement between the two of them.    Ron Document, notarized.  If you are a journalist or researcher carrying out an inquiry you most likely want information on my life from 1998 onward, you need to know the background.  Note you should research the existence of payments to Ron from Craig from 1999 - present;  some of this is recorded real estate transactions.   

John H. Fund - Craig Franklin

Issues will include a NeoCon political operative named John Fund.  Fund's first job as a political operative was for Charles Koch in 1979.  He went on to work for the Bush-Cheney-Rove Group, working mostly in media.  See Time Line

Because Fund and my third husband, Craig Franklin, began cooperative efforts to destroy my credibility in 1998, Craig is included with Fund in this part of the narrative.

As you will see, others are mentioned.  This will provide insights into what Fund was doing for the "Bush - Cheney Administration" as relevant to his intimate relationship with Morgan and much earlier, myself.  My romantic involvement with Fund was brief and ended by 1984. John and I continued to be friends, I thought, until 1999.  Over the next years, I realized he was not to be trusted.

Some of these ugly events took place during the Franklin / Pillsbury-Foster Divorce from 1998 - 1999.  The divorce was also a corporate event as Dan O'Dowd, the President of Green Hills Software, Inc., needed Craig's assistence to buy out his partner, Glenn Hightower, who had funded the company in 1982.  Dan could not raise more than $47M and the company was worth $350M in 1998.  So Dan needed someone to orchestrate a walk-out during Hightower's due diligence in response to the Partnership Sudden Death challenge issued by Dan O'Dowd to Hightower, his partner, in January 1998.  

Craig decided he did not want to share the marital asset of the large grant of stock Green Hills had made to him in 1996 when critical employees were offered stock options.  Both Hightower and O'Dowd offered the options to specific employees. 

Craig received the largest award of stock options because he was responsible for the success of Green Hills Software, Inc., which incorporated in 1982.  The company had no sales and Da O'Dowd did not know Craig until in 1985 Craig noticed what they were trying to sell,  then read their code. Craig related what happened to me on numerous occasions.  Craig noted that their marketing material, produced, he said by Dan O'Dowd "was lousy."  But the code, Craig told me, was excellent.  Craig therefore recommended to three of his associates at different companies they buy the product.  Because of these purchases, reflected in 1986, Dan was not forced to return to his partner, Hightower for more funding, which would have diluted his stock.  Dan wanted Craig to come to work for Green Hills, but not to write and oversee engineers.  Dan wanted him to sell what Green Hills was producing.  Because Craig could not find another job in the Los Angeles area, where he wanted to be; because I refused to relocate, he accepted.  Sales increased as Craig learned an entirely new job.

By 1998 the company was valued at $350M, moving O'Dowd to make his move for control against Hightower, who had funded Green Hills Start-up in 1982.  Hightower had remained an active partner as well.  



In late 1997, Craig and Dan cut a deal which they referred to as the, "Throw Momma From The Train," Strategy.  Dan would get his walk-out of critical personnel; Craig would get all of the stock allocated to him, even though it was our joint marital property.  

I was entirely unaware of this until it was leaked to me by Morgan who kept coming back to ask for help when Craig was not handing out money.  At first Craig was giving Morgan a measily $5,000 a month for assisting Craig with the divorce.  This included defaming me with lies to my friends, political and professional associates.  I discovered this from calls made to me informing me of what she had told them.  Additionally, Morgan was paid $10,000 to persuade me to turn off Arthur's life-support after Arthur's unsuccessful suicide attempt on March 22, 1998. 

My temporary support in this period was around $25,000 a month, reflecting an exact evaluation of the funds available to Craig,  In this, Morgan failed.  Since ensuring Arthur was dead was the goal this apparently badly annoyed Craig.  Morgan's Deposition from 2001, which appeared on John Fund's website, which went up in 2003, should not be overlooked. The document was supplied to Fund by Craig Franklin early in 2003.  It was uncertified and therefore not legally available. A witness exists who will testify to the fact Craig sent it.   Deposition

Arthur suffered a life-threatening motorcycle accident on September 27, 1997.  His injuries included Traumatic Brain Injuries. 

Earlier in 1997 I thought I had solved all the hideous problems we have been coping with by cleaning up Craig's IRS problems.  Wrong.  Read, "You're Not Paranoid – The IRS is out to get you."

Craig  left me in January 1998, but he called in late February to tell me he wanted to remain a father to Arthur.  This made me cry.  Then Craig asked if I would bring Arthur down to have lunch with him the next day.  I was overjoyed to tell Arthur this and he was also cheered.  But instead of calling me to be picked up, or Craig dropping him home, he slammed into the house and locked himself in his room.  I would only learn later after he began to recover from the suicide attempt, years later, what had transpired.  

Craig had let him order lunch, a sandwich, then told this fragile young man, still in early recovery from a brain injury which had nearly killed him in the motorcycle accident, that Arthur was worthless and Craig wanted nothing to do with him.  Throwing money on the table, Craig walked out and Arthur, still not steady on his feet, walked home alone.  

Arthur, distraught,  would not tell me what had happened, nor would Craig when I called him, frantic.  Making arrangements to get Arthur into a program for depression, I allowed him to spend a weekend with Ron, his former father. I made Ron promise not to leave Arthur alone.  Later, I learned Ron ignored this promise entirely.  First, Arthur went to the local mall, intending to throw himself off the parking garage.  When Arthur returned to Ron's house, Arthur got out a gun Ron left loaded in plain sight, went in the back yard, laid down next to the play house he had used as a child, stuck the 22-calibre gun, in his mouth and shot himself through the palate.  

While I was by Arthur's bedside, Morgan called me and told me she had a heart problem and needed Arthur's heart for the transplant which she required to replace her's to survive her bad heart.  This was news to me.  I learned later both were mercenary lies.  These manipulations come easy to psychopaths. 
Every action by Craig originated in his wish to leave me penniless, his ongoing goals were to attempt to destroy me in every possible way, emotionally, professionally and personally.  I survived only through diligent efforts.   

Dan and Amy O'Dowd, along with the senior vice-presidents of Green Hills Software expected to benefit, each of them, from assisting with this campaign. 

One might think Craig's actions stems from anger from something I did.  This is not the case.  Later, I learned he had attempted to do similar things to his first wife, Elaine Brown.  They were married for only 18-months.  Elaine was pregnant when Craig left to return to Stanford for a Master's Degree in Mathematics.  Elaine had told him she would  divorce him if he returned to school while she was expecting, but he left anyway.  Elaine was also a mathematician at MIT, and older than Craig.   During their divorce, Craig tried to drain her financially.  This only ended when his parents and her's stepped in and told him they would stop his war on her by dis-inheriting him.

After Craig left me, he did the same to several other women, five I know of.  One woman, 'A', he left homeless twice with her two children.  I will supply the names of these women if it is deemed necessary.  At least three of them are well known.  All but 'A' appear to have received money explicitely for sexual favors.  He met dozens of women on sugar daddy sites.

Craig is not interested in a relationship with a woman.  He plans out a campaign of destruction as he begins a relationship and carries it out like a military action.  Through 'A' I followed his activities for years, horrified.  Craig is a pedophile as well.  His sexual target of preference is around 12-years old, a girl who trusts him and calls him 'Daddy".  Over the last 20 years he has attempted to get young women to have his child with this end in mind.  He also began writing children's songs to gain access to children.  

I discovered his predelicitions in this direction only after he left me, realizing why he had married me in the first place, only when a private detective I had hired to find his residence so I could serve him with papers.  The detective saw Craig leaving a bag of trash on top of his condo's trash can.  After Craig left, he grabbed it, opening it onto my dining room table a few minutes later.  “ Franklin Incest Porn,” 

In 2010, Craig's oldest son, Jonathan Scott Franklin, was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill his wife, Kathy.  They had two children, a boy ten and a girl eight.  Craig's first action upon finding out about Scott's attempt was to hire an attorney in an attempt to get unsupervised access to his grand-daughter.  He ignored his grandson.   You should research this history.  He attempted to contact me.  Emails 

Craig's first comment upon being told Scott had been arrested for hiring a hitman to kill his wife was, "That was stupid.  They always suspect the husband first!"  This was reported to me by A. 

Green Hills Software, Inc. - A Department of Defense Contractor in 2003 and today worth Billions.  

Glenn Hightower, the man who funded Green Hills, was unable to complete his due diligence in answer to the Partnership Challenge issues in January 1998.  Craig had successfully recruited the other critical personnel into the conspiracy by extending Dan's offer to them for more stock.  Glenn sued.  It was obvious to him there was a conspiracy.  The court said he had not proven this, however.  Bad timing since  I was only then learning about the conspiracy to defraud me about that time, too.    HERE

Hightower lost his suit and had to settle.  It is likely he was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement with Dan O'Dowd.  I know, for a fact, he will not return my calls.  He may return your calls, however.  

When Morgan began having sexual relations with Fund, October 26, 1998 during a trip Craig and Morgan took together to New York, London and Paris.  Was she then having sex with Craig, too?  That she was having sex with Fund from that time on she told me. 

The train of lies told by Morgan was long.  She had lied to us about attending college from 1986 until she demanded to take acting lessions instead.  Instead, she was engaged in attempts to find a wealthy husband.  This  started when she was around 16.  I have the names of these individuals, all prominent,  and can supply them. Fund was just the last.     

John Fund was the factor which connected Morgan to individuals such as Sidney Blumenthal.  The charges of domestic violence filed in 2001 and 2002, which were true, made her a person of interest to John's enemies, including Sidney Blumenthal.

On the 2002 police report it is noted photos were taken.  These curiously disappeared.  I saw the photos being taken, however, and would so testify.  I was on my way to the apartment, in a taxi, when I called Morgan and learned John was there with her.  Five minutes later I walked in and Morgan had clearly been battered.  She refused to seek medical aid, despite my urging.  Again, I would so testify and was surprised at the time neither the police or later the District Attorney was willing to take a report from me. 

How this case was handled raises questions which still demand answers.  

September 1999 

John had been promised a job as Bush's speechwriter after Bush-Cheney was elected.  Fund did not get the job because he lied to me in 1999.  If he had told me he was in a relationship with Morgan in March of 1999, when I called to follow up what I thought an unlikely rumor, I would have warned him about her.  That was my intention in calling him.  

That September Morgan called to tell me she had aborted John's baby and they were in a relationship.  I  responded by quoting his denial they had a sexual relationship.  While we are arguing about this, she suddenly put me on hold.  

When she called back she played what would later be called the WeaselSearch Tape for me.  I was outraged that Fund had lied to me.  If you don't know John, you have not experienced his strategy for eliciting your trust.  It goes like this.  

The Fund Strategy
    John Fund's strategy, used on friends, associates, fellow journalists and editors:   Sound sad and confused.  Confess to being too trusting.  Offer excuses for this.  Then, obviously on the verge of tears, lay it on thick.  He has used this strategy all of his life.  See John Fund vs The Truth by Justin Raimondo, appearing in Anti-War on April  26, 2006.  Raimondo reports Eric, who had heard and believed Fund's claims to have an active campaign, called the local Recorder for the outcome.  Eric discovered Fund had not even filed to run but instead was reporting on another campaign.   Garris then, "called Fund and asked him how his campaign had done. Fund’s reply: Oh, fantastic, we got 46 percent of the vote!  Oh really? replied Eric. Then how come the registrar says you weren’t even a candidate? Confronted with his lie, Fund tearfully confessed to fabricating the entire story: not that there wasn’t a campaign, but, you see, it was somebody else’s campaign. Fund had merely projected himself onto another person’s candidacy and reported developments as if he had filed his papers and carried through with his intent to run."

That was what he did to me in March 1998.  I believed him.  He was doing the same to another friend, who told me about this directly, in 2003.  He is a well-known member of the intelligence community.  

So when Morgan called back about an hour after she put me on hold in September, 1999, she had had exactly what she needed to get me to believe her.    

As you listen to Fund's very recognizable voice you will see why I believed Morgan. She had delivered undeniable PROOF that this time she was not lying.    

At the time I knew nothing about psychopathy.  Today, I know better.  As you listen to the Weaselsearch Tape you will hear two psychopaths lying for all they are worth.   

John Fund and Craig found they had common interests while Craig was travelling with Morgan to NY, London and Paris in October of 1998, and then in carrying out various cover-ups.  Green Hills Software, the O'Dowds, got huge government contracts for programming related to surveillance and attack drones as part of these cover-ups.  

As you read down the John Fund Time Line you will run into Sidney Blumenthal, his son, Max, and others.  Blumenthal wanted information from Morgan on Fund.  This could have been for the book he was then writing, Clinton's War, or it could have been payback for Fund's part in planning and publishing, with Matt Drudge, the false charges on spousal abuse which resulted in great fundraising for Drudge. Fund was deposed for this but lied about when he had gotten to know Matt. 

According to what I later read, and was shown documents by Morgan,  the White House was contacted in late October by Saddam, who offered to leave Iraq.  This appears to have created a problem for the Bush Administration.  They needed a back-channel to persuade Saddam to stay so he could be captured and or killed. The Clintons were in need of funds and available.   

As the Clinton Capo it would have been Blumenthal who handled the campaign to persuade Saddam Hussein that the threatened invasion was only a bluff.  This worked.  Saddam remained in Iraq.  Without this the Bush Administration would have lost their rationale to go to war to steal back the nationalized oil fields for Cheney's friends.  The Clintons would have been the activator for Blumenthal.  Hillary and emails, you know.  Read the article below.  

October 21, 2015 - " Saddam Hussein and the Offer - “Pay Me and I Will Leave” "

Summary:  I have experienced a journey from  innocence to virtue.  I have not become like my enemies.  I choose to do what is right with transparency.  This is impossible without due diligence.  I suggest you do the same.
                                                                                                                                      - Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, July 2, 2018

NOTE:  If any linked sites are blocked inform me.  I  have a compiled list of the referenced materials which can be provided or reposted on another site.