James Byron DeanWhat he Taught Me

"Listen.  Listen really closely.  The trees breathe.  They breathe in light, and breathe out - Life."

From First Violet Series  

No. 29 For Jimmy 

Bright memories that turn back time, elected laughter, twists sublime
            Refracted images abound, reliving moments most profound. 
As ginger waifed and sunlight tarried, I got to know the prince of Faeries.
            A truly honest human child, who saw through artifice and guile.  

He spoke in tones of love warmed truth, confiding heart owned magnitudes
            He lead a tiny cadred troop of puppet folk who spoke his truths.
He considered deeply in quiet pause, to test the truth of human laws.  
            He knew the quiet place within, admitted few as Silent friends. 

From childhood his world was made, ensuing tides of time displayed
            Portraying worlds that could not be, inciting imaged destinies
Lighting truths distilled from life, sure and vivid imaged strife.
  The Prince of worlds we’ll never see, the soul of Jimmy; always free.