Life is Lessons Learned

      I turn what happened to me over in my mind to see it from different perspectives.  Bad things happen, and all too often what we take away is only what we learned.  Therefore, I put those times under the mind's microscope.  This can hurt.  A lot.  But these insights have never failed to provide lines of research which open up new understanding of myself, other people, and the world around me. 
      The stories go up here in order of when I put the pieces together and as I have time to write, which sometimes comes in occasional late nights and when I can just fit it in. Another variable is how discovery from one happening, and its insights, opens up more vistas of Lightbulbs gong on.  Some of these are becoming Interactive TV shows, using Reality Activist Gaming - TV.  I use these  to share insights.  The 'websites' for these, actually background and documentation of facts, are provided here to provide more about what life has taught me.  

      Morgan was a beautiful baby and little girl.  But she was just like her father, Richard Lee Barteaux , a psychopath.  I could not bear to believe it until 2012.  Acceptance was agony, but freed me to see what had really happened.
          And take action.   
         I was surprised to find online photos of someone in the mask to the right.  I could tell it was Morgan because the small boy holding her had was her son, whose photo I had. More About Morgan

Morgan before Jay Gell 

Morgan Married to Jay Gell

Craig Franklin
​Craig is a psychopath.  Too bad I did not know he had Epsteinial tendencies when he begged me to marry him in 1983.  He wanted to bed Morgan, and may have done so.  When I realized Morgan was a psychopath the next ramification was that Morgan would easily have lied to me about that relationship.  This led to other unpleasant reconsidertions of past events.

It is easier to laugh about my inability to see Morgan and Craig for what they really are.  Psychopaths, especially those who have high I. Q.'s such as Craig and Dan O'Dowd, who stole Green Hills Software, Inc., from his partner and funder, Glenn Hightower.  You read more of his story on NeoCons.  Psychopaths cost us billions every year.  No exaggeration.  They take us into wars wit glee and dollar signs in their eyes. And the highest estimated concentration of psychopaths is, no surprise, Washington D. C., but Santa Barbara clearly has its share. 
      Dan O'Dowd, to the right here, had goals entirely focused on greed, which is why we send you to Greedville to find out more about him and his interesting relationship with Craig of the Rose, above.