Children - Amazing Insights

Becoming a mother taught me things which were both rewarding and undescribably valuable as insights and for my own growth.  

Every major decision in my life has come as a response to what I perceived as the needs of my children and necessary to ensure them the kind of future I wanted for them.  Of course, I was generally wrong.  Kids own themselves and have their own ideas about what they want.  All you can do is try to be a good example and give them opportunities to grow their understanding, compassion, and skills as they became productive individuals in their own right.  

Honesty compels me to say this would have worked out well if I had understood psychopathy earlier.  If you are not familar with the characteristics of the condition, as identified by Dr. Robert Hare, considered to be the leading expert on the problem, you can read those HERE .

I didn't know, and, along with nearly all living people, was subject to the predations of those without conscience, who comprise from 1 - 4% of the population.  It might seen a strange place to add this, and I agree.  Unfortunately, one of my children turned out to be a psychopath.  Now, I can chuckle about how dense I was but the process was painful at the time.  

Having Morgan, born Carolyn Anne Barteaux, in the family, was hard on all of us in multiple ways.  

The normal kids were all easy, by comparison.  

Dawn Ellen Pillsbury - Dawn ent through interesting stages, which you can read about in some of the articles which included her antics as a child and youngster.  Today, she is committed to going green and uses her degree in journalism from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to advance that work.  Dawn also enjoys belly dancing.  She is married to Brent Eubanks and lives in Berkeley.  

Giving Love
Ayn Suzanne Pillsbury (Craciun) - Ayn went through many of the misconceptions about the world common to Americans today.  She believed she was limited by circumstance among these.  I include the article below, which shows how she was unshackled from misconceptions.  She went on to finish college at Hillsdale handily and launch a successful career for herself, marrying a nice fellow who is an attorney, Joseph Craciun.  They have two adorable daughters and live in Orange County.  

Ayn, trying out Congressman Smith's desk while interning for him in Washington D. C.  in her last year of college at Hillsdale. 
Arthur Edward Foster - Arthur, named for my father and grandfather, suffered under the cheerful tyranny of having older sisters. But he was a thoughtful youngster, growing into a young man who loved working with his hands.  Unfortunately, the bad examples provided by his birth father, Ronald Edward Kellett (Foster), and Craig Franklin nearly killed him.  

But he has survived two massive brain injuries.  The first was caused by a motorcycle accident, the second when Craig took steps to destabilize him emotionally, suggesting to him his life was not worth living.   

Arthur has learned he has a special relationship with Christ.  I have been his caretaker since 1997. Here are two articles.

The Oil Plundering Act, The Sheehan – Rockwell Affair, and Targeting British Petroleum

Justin Duncan Foster - Was a spunky and happy baby.  As a youngster he loved dressing up and performing for the family.  And innovation should have been his middle name.  Once, when driving him to school after he snoozed away, oblivious, I asked after rolling him into the car what he thought the word 'Mother' meant.  He was silent for a few seconds, responding, "Multi-Operational Tasking Home & Emergency Resource."   Justin loves dancing, computers and all that is beautiful.  

The Lesson of the Duct Tape - Get Freedom; Get Local

Mary Abigail Pillsbury - Mary did not make it to birth.  Several weeks before I was would have delivered Craig raged at me while we were in the car.  He stopped.  I got out and he slammed my abdomen with the door repeatedly.  This is the first time I have been able to confront the truth

And About My Mistakes

Husbands Who Should Not Be Recycled 

And then, there is Morgan