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Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
            [email protected] - Personal  [email protected] - Professional
9011 Mira Mesa Blvd. #226, San Diego CA 92126 USA
Melinda is an actionary in the Creative Industry, who ramps up satellite television networks and interactive TV/radio/website shows as a strategist for environmental liability & responsibility, individual & womens’ rights, social justice & volitional science, edu-tainment tourism & cause-marketing, and free-market transitions to sustainable technologies & Space resources.  

Partner, EcoAlert    2009-
Promotes life-saving technologies & reduction in reinsurance risks of natural and human-made disasters, averting the bankruptcy of local health, life, casualty, & property insurance firms.
Remediator of polluted Super-un-funded sites and brownfields, renewing & re-purposing land.
Fire dangers out of control for a decade without retired WWII era waterbombers:
  •         RFP for composite fire-fighting waterbomber cannister designs 4x capacity of 747.
  •         RFPs for 21 designs of SAVIATION saving lives in aviation and with aviation, including ending bird ingestion into jet engines; jettison of wing full-fuel tanks on take-off maydays...
  • Advocating fire-proof & water-proof geopolymer 3-D printing of ceramic buildings and infrastructure, via academic licenses for architectural software/hardware to construction financiers.

  • Rating all businesses’ pollution and negligence liabilities for investors:
Designed the major media approach for marketing information for investors through Lincoln’s Risk Registry, Ratings & Relief.  Under CEO David Lincoln, a qualified expert on toxic waste, medical impact, and remediation, the ratings will soon provide long-needed, accurate data to investors on potential liabilities facing businesses, and quantifying the potential for increasing profits by using the information applied to their own businesses improvements, and new business development.
  • Chairs Advisory Boards of and

AvertAlert Reinsurance Disaster-Mitigation by Acquisition Consortium (ARDMAC) ARDMAC’s investment or buy-outs face clear & present dangers including:
  • Saving 27M American lives from Hydrofluoric Acid Catalyst in Gasoline Refining: Organizing the top 100 global reinsurers to capitalize replacement in 1/3rd of American gasoline refineries of Hydrofluoric Acid (HFA) alkylation catalyst that vaporizes at 67F, with much less risky Sulphuric Acid catalyst that vaporizes at 560F. Presenting research to switch-out city-killing HFA, stored on site in vulnerable 55,000-gallon tanks in 19 American cities & 24 towns. Reinsurers cannot cover one $9T loss.
4 th quarter 2017, upgrade of ~9 of 49 American refineries declared underway at ~$250-Million each. Conducting outreach to global reinsurers to upgrade 44% of the world’s 680 oil refineries to H2SO4.
Invite hedgefund/insurer actuaries in an Environmental Protection Insurance Consortium (EPIC), to not merely bet against disasters not happening when “preserving wealth”, but creating Pollution-Prevention Bonds.  Currently, after-the-disaster Catastrophe Bonds are held in multi-billion dollar reserves of each reinsurer. End the pretense of federal/state environmental protection.   
Webmaster & Co-Creator and  Contact [email protected]
  • Publisher, DANS Disaster Alert News Service; LocalAction Phone-apps development 2013-. Data-base of all USA pollution sites 15 years, up to ~300 toxic releases per site since US EPA halted logging self-reports; i.e. under-insured Carson refinery 2016 release of 110,000-pounds of hydrogen cyanide.
  • Allying with 28 United Steel Workers locals and US Homeland Security to switch HFA for H2SO4.
  • Promoting local/sponsor purchase of: Infra-red cameras to determine where residue is falling and test there (not where oil PR diverts attention); and handheld particulant monitors to parts per billion.
  • Organizing community “bucket brigades” to test local areas, instead of believing Limited Liability Corporation refineries’ scrubbed data, vastly under-risk self-insurance firms, or mature life-cycle refinery holding companies fronting for larger oil corporations to avoid moral and legal liability.  

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
HFA Refineries & Pollution Reduction Monitoring EcoAlert Project -- Los Angeles: 2014- Publicizing Lawrence Livermore Laboratory’s Energy Security Risk Division demonstrations by Ronald Koopman PhD PE, the danger of Hydrofluoric Acid (HFA) catastrophic release is not merely an 80,000 neighborhood death risk, but 2.5-million deaths & lifelong maiming injuries as a result across any city like Los Angeles by HFA burning out residents’ eyes, nose, throat, and lungs when an earthquake, flare accident, scaffolding collapse, or terrorist grenade ruptures oversize HFA tanks. A 7mph wind wafts heavy acid vapor beyond 15-miles. Widening the ban of HFA by Torrance City Council, to a ban by LA County.
  • Cause-marketing a Hollywood movie named for the time it takes for breathed fluorine ions to replace your heart muscle’s sodium, calcium, and magnesium until it stops beating.
  • Informing H2SO4 alkylation unit engineering firms like DowDuPont they have never made a sale to Big Oil to replace HFA, even since 9-11; while ARDMAC is organizing Big Reinsurance to buy replacement units in America and worldwide, then manufacturers logically should join ARDMAC.
  • Exposing the phony additive Sulfolane that increases HFA vaporization to only 73F only at 30% concentration. Since Sulfolane gums up alkylation, while claimed for 25-years it could raise vaporization temperature significantly. 5-degrees is not significant, while Los Angeles is routinely warmer than 73F. The additive’s concentration now reduced below 10% is only to allow a legal fiction that modified-HFA is not HFA, with permission of politicians, but not insurers or neighbors.
  • Acquainting pollution/HFA protesters of refineries, why appeals to agencies are ineffective for 25-years, as compared to market pressure to buy change, plus grassroots monitoring to assign liability.
  • Strip PBF Energy Inc. & Valero refineries’ lawyers of “modified-HFA” legal evasion of Torrance City & Los Angeles County bans on HFA, to “legally” stay in business; expose & halt buying politicians.
  • Demand accountability for 5 quarterly delays on grants to local monitoring groups by the South Coast Air Quality Management Board, stating SCAQMB would do it. It hasn’t. EcoAlert instead, seeks sponsors for pollution-monitoring equipment purchase for Science classes in schools & teams.
  • Notified Governor Brown’s Aide and Environmental Legislative Aide about 12 years of non-action, despite his declaration as CA Attorney General that HFA is an “extreme hazard to the public”. Even formerly friendly media is confronting Brown’s legacy of not shutting HFA-using refineries down due to immense risk to persons and $9T fiscal disaster, while being only 10% of CA’s fuel supply.
  • Action by EcoAlert in Los Angeles is already resulting in HFA-using refineries being confronted by ARDMAC with business/religious leaders’ investment/buyout in Salt Lake City, St. Paul, & 4 towns.

Partner: FreedoMax Media; NETWORK TV EXECUTIVE PRODUCER -- CONTENT  All PhoneVoters’ Opinions Welcome & Tallied        2016-   
Co-designing 12 participatory audience TV & digital networks to be ramped up via satellite distribution, plus 104 shows per network for: ARTisTVision;
Health Portal & TV Network; Solutions TV; Juryvoter TV; Prosperity Channel; Missing Childrens’ Detective Network; PhoneVoter TV & Digital Networks;
High School & College TV & Digital News Networks; GlobalSphere Diploma TV; Language-Specific Digi-UHF, Campaigns On Satellite (COS) Marketing…
Building corporate infrastructure, negotiating anchor sponsorships, recruiting producers to utilize coast-to-coast satellite, Internet Protocol TV, and Over-The-Top streaming to and from TV shows. Format PhoneVoter TV: tallies, pledges, contributions, purchases.   

Creative Director with the Chief Interactive Technology Officer for 1,300 shows, all having mass-audience participation via smartphone, computer, or remote with 94M vote/call/pledge/buy capacity. 
· Formatted the content of 14 interactive TV shows to be aired on 12 coast-to-coast networks to be operated by Freedom TV Networks 2018. Many will use backpack journalism HDTV-live uplinks.
· Last presidential election cycle created debate & panelist formats for all alternative political parties’ presidential candidates, and their nominee Cabinet Officers to debate via satellite TV using PhoneVoter TV tallies & contribution phonetrees, audience feedback with dual moral & legal issues’ PhoneVotes.
· Webmaster of a TV producers’ ideation website on free-market solutions to topics usually considered public policy for audiences to improve proposals & channels, see
· Proposal to CEO John Malone of LIBERTY MEDIA for a Champions’ Charity Racing League with our PledgeVoter TV format with cloud data centers, to improve audience ratings after his purchase of the $4.4B Formula One Racing circuit & global satellite F1-TV Network featuring charity logos on race-cars, OTT-IPTV split-screen including racers’ pitches for charity on 1 of 6 screen panels of racing action.

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Participatory Edu-tainment Venue Producer                 2016-
Freedom’s OtherWhen Re-Enactment Tours; Museum Touchscreen Media;
California Republic 1846-50 Tours;;
global mobile TeenAge World’s Fair Inc.; relocating the
Hollywood Stuntmans’ Hall of Fame,;
Dutch Mill Themepark; Being Scene Teen Centers;
Native American World Trade & Cultural Centers…

Major Motion Picture Capital Hunter, Pillsbury Pictures     2017-
Packaging in $100M units: production capital, international distribution trade for production capital, product placement, digital studio facility equity, and on-location logistics requirements, marketing capital, and %AYE Studio Star Development for:

Historical Epics:
  • The Star-Spangled Banner The 1814 Burning of Washington DC & the Privateer Defense of Baltimore
  • Viva Vallejo! – and the California Republic!  Who led the Bear Flag Revolt & War with Mexico     
  • 19-Minutes         The death of 19 American cities by terrorists with a few grenades, and their second agenda      
  • Billy Buskirk: American Music Legend   1956 farm teen into rock n’ roll, race-cars, & rocket fuel
  • Identity Theft! Sassoon Saleem Sassoon versus Proctor-Gamble and Vidal Friedman?     
  • The Tyrannicide  Privateer Captain Jonathan Haraden’s capture of 1,000 British ships’ cannon 1776-1781
  • Yanga!       Leader of the 1600s African-Mexicanistas Against Spain, later inspired 1824 Mexican Revolution
  • Dramatic Form with Science:
  • The Jesus Saga -- Loving One Another: The Treasure of Pharaoh Akenaten & Queen Nefertiti  
  • The TeenAge World’s Fair                                     Adventures at the global mobile future-themed event
  • Pebble: Making Waves from Ripples --   Real Client Project Based Learning and What Teenagers Can Do    
  • Showdown at the World Soccer Championship Lao teens for de-legalization of addictive drugs, defeat gangsters by replacing heroin with a designer drug, causing addicts to want to exercise thru withdrawal.
  • GOT Science? 200,000 member StarFleet Academy building it for reals. Right here. Right now.
  • San Francisco teens learn from scientists how difficult it is to fight orthodoxy when learning of the Sun’s Galactic Orbit Theory (GOT) of Extinctions; 65,000-mph Solar Vortex and corona trail; & Earth’s Elliptical Orbits. The tax-grant industry favoring human-created climate change, opposes the teens. 

Issuer, The Kemp Challenge to De-nationalize 92% of Mortgages, 65% of Medicine, 95% of Tuition-Debt, and 40% of Vehicle Credit with Percentage As You Earn (%AYE) Finance & Finansurance 2018-
Cause-Marketing a reprise of US Secretary of Housing & Urban Development Jack Kemp’s 1989-1992 sale of all government housing to residents with erratic incomes, charging percentages-of-income. %AYE avoids all repossessions based on rigid fixed installments. Kemp used research by Brock d’Avignon, that Kemp later also used when Chair of Habitat for Humanity’s Campaign “More Than Houses” that raised $596M in donated capital.
         Melinda challenges Americans via interactive TV to declare their interest in: %AYE medical finansurance for all in the free-market; & converting debts to %AYE finance on   
Webmaster: 99 active websites, plus 100 blogs on a variety of topics; 40 prior clients 2004-
Product & Cause-Marketer of Solutions to put people in charge of their lives & communities: Salespersons of bug-killer that is non-toxic to mammals without petro-poison heavy-metals. Enzymes dissolve insect chitin carapaces without becoming resistant to chemicals. No bed-bugs
How the NeoCons Stole Freedom blog with hundreds of researched articles.                                 2005- supplies solutions for freedom & sustainable prosperity for all.                2011-

Researcher, Waterproof & Fireproof Geo-Polymer 3-D Construction                 2017-
Executive Vice President, MacPHERSON INVESTMENT GROUP             2012-2014
Researching Ultra-High Performance Concrete and Geo-Polymers, Energy Systems

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
  • Poet of a ~1,000 poems. www.Pillsbury... Published commercially in magazines.
  • Book Author: Publishing a 2-book set: Real Freedom.  Revoking the License to Steal.
  • Book Author & Publisher:
  • A Star for Christmas reveals an unsuspected and fascinating side of James Dean, the actor who Melinda knew when a child. She views Jimmy as her earliest intellectual mentor and friend.
  • A Tour of Old Yosemite
  • Columnist: Iconoclast, a little paper with guts to call Bush on the carpet in Crawford TX         2005-
  • Off the Grids TV Network planning for client                                                                            2014

Radio Host & Producer:
NEW YORK LIBERAL TALKSHOW STATION, 1 of 3 libertarian hosts                                             2010
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised                                                                                          2007-2009
The Jer Show                                                                                                                             5-months 2009 The Spiritual Politician: Weekly                                                        96 shows 2006-2008
Examines how government can be brought into alignment with the spiritual goal of decentralizing power, localizing control, and loving one another without force nor force of law.
The Melinda Show; Reclaim America Now also on RMN RADIO                                                      2008

Founder, ARTHUR C. PILLSBURY FOUNDATION                                                                                   1992-
· Organized material for an educational website dedicated to extending the photographic & cinematographic legacy of my grandfather 1897-1946. His pioneering camera inventions served his global photo/ motion picture lectures as an early environmental visionary.
  • · Pillsbury Pictures Incorporated firsts:
  • 1st panoramic camera, panoramas of Yosemite and 1st anthropological movies of the Alaskan Goldrush, Inuit Indians, 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, Yosemite Me-Wuk Indians, and Samoans
  • 1st time-lapse nature cinematography (An 80-minute movie comprised 100,000 time-lapse frames)
  • 1st electric-tracking shot camera device
  • 1st undersea motion picture cameras & movies
  • 1st X-ray motion picture
  • 1st microscopic motion pictures of bacteria with stunning effect on the medical community and viewers
  • 1st split-screen, dual-view on one film of healthy & diseased tissue
  • Re-discovering & re-mastering with BYU & Universities of California:
  • 30 theatrical edu-tainment films distributed 1909-1946 by Universal, Paramount Pictures, & others. His Wildflower films featured 500 of Yosemite’s 1,500 varieties, wildlife, and specimens.
  • 100,000 still photos and panoramas including, most numbered in series.
  • · A.C. Pillsbury provided photos for John Muir’s environmentalist book The Yosemite. His own books: 1st aerial pictures of Yosemite. Patented & built the 1st postcard printing press from his in-park studio publicizing a national park; as Yosemite Official Photographer 1914-1927 taught famed photographers. 

President, Santa Barbara Chapter, BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL WOMEN                            2002-2003
Member, DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION                                                         1992-
Member, MARIPOSA HISTORICAL SOCIETY & MUSEUM                                                            1992-
Martha, Newsletter Editor, EASTERN STAR, Granada Hills CA                                                  1987-1990
Past Royal Matron in Supreme Order of the Amaranth, Santa Barbara CA                            1978-2005
Member & Officer, BENEVOLENT PROTECTIVE ORDER OF ELKS, Santa Barbara CA           2001-2006
Pocahantas Member, FRATERNAL ORDER OF REDMEN, Visalia CA                                         2008-2010

Historical Researcher                                                                                                                        1990s
As descendant organization of The Sons [& Daughters] of Liberty, the Redmen used percentage-of-income welfare-workfare assistance. President FDR, a member, modeled US Social Security on it, but with force of law and no return on Human Investment. Congress steals SS assets annually with IOUs since 1936, except 3 because Melinda’s Contract for America was adopted by Speaker Newt Gingrich.)

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

(Nevada just ratified 2017; 2 more states to ratify; & repeal artifice of a relevance timeline by Congress)
ERA-Interactive TV Show, Producer, Freedom TV Networks [email protected]             2017-
ERA Network Coordinator for California                                                                        1999~2007

SCIENCE OF FREEDOM FOUNDATION, apolitical activist with Volitional Science solutions      2016-

NATIONAL FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN                                                                 1995-
National Regent                                                                                                                                  1996-2004
Support for the Thompson-Nunn Megatons for Megawatts Treaty with the former Soviet Union to reduce nuclear warheads as reactor fuel. Opposed traitorous Clinton-Obama-Holder-Congress sale of American uranium to RosAtom, leading to Putin ending the wise treaty January 2016 after two decades.
Exposed Bush-Clinton collusion to tell Saddam Hussein to stay in Iraq, when he wished to leave, so US allies could invade. Evidence safely replicated with unknowns for later use in warcrimes trials.
Worked against invasion of Iraq for oil corporations that opposed Ba’athist nationalization of presumed assets in prior eras, or just theft division of modern spoils with US troops as mercenaries.
Protested plutonium ammunition rounds, and for liability of pollution in Iraq, and soldiers’ health.
Attendee, Tea at White House with first Lady Laura Bush                                                         2002
Vice President, Santa Barbara County                                                                                             2003-2004

Campaign Chair & Manager, 20th State Senate District CA, Delores Bender White                         1989
Precinct Worker, Presidential Campaigns, other campaigns                                    various 1964-1968??

Blog Publisher for UROC CEO Connie Ruffley                                                                                  2009-
Topics like: 1975 All Talk, Opposite Action: UROC Resolution Against Reagan for President or VP

Vice Chair for Southern California                                                                                        1979-1985
Los Angeles County Chair                                                                                                      1979-1981
Founding Member, Radical Caucus of the LP-USA with Economist/Historian Murray Rothbard  1976-  

SOCIETY for INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, and International SIL now renamed as                              1969-
LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL, Supporter, Article Contributor                      1985-  
SANTA MONICA COLLEGE, Enrolled 3 years Geology Major; Psychology & English    Santa Monica CA

ST. STEPHEN’S EPISCOPAL SCHOOL OF ROME, Charter Student 1 year, Archeology, History & Art;
Field Expeditions to Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, & United Kingdom.

Mother of 4 living children. 
Served as a Brownie Leader, Cub Scout Pack organizer, active through numerous youth and school groups, including the International Order of Rainbow for Girls.
Caretaker for 39-year old handi-capable son who is a researcher and woodworker.
Athlete, Judo & Karate Club (my Sensai was Joe Louis’ sparring partner; fencing)
Yoga Practitioner
Interests: History of Ideas of Freedom, Ancient Records of Mono-Theism, Reading, Travel across US and Japan twice
Hobbies: Art, Painting, Computer Graphics, Seamstress, Sculptress, Screenplay Writer