Solvency Day

Paying John Fund what the LPC Owed Him

          It may or may not surprise you to discover the Libertarian Party at all levels has a lousy record for paying its debts.  If you wonder at this, I suggest you read the analysis of past Presidential Campaigns supplied by George Phillies.  
        George has diligently followed the mis-steps of the Libertarian Party, exposing shysters presented by the LP as principled Libertarians.   Funding Liberty!   is one of these covering individuals still in action during the Perpetual Book Tour of the Harry Browne Campaigns.  Later insights can be found at  Liberty for America
           George has also written  Libertarian Renaissance and  Stand Up For Liberty!.   For numbers, no one can beat George, although I do not agree with him on many issues.  
          Many of us found the failure of the Libertarian Party of California (LPC) and National Party appalling but we were not generally in charge of the funds flowing in from membership, the only assured source of income.  We could not change how it was being spent.     
          Seeing this, I early came to the conclusion a free-market approach was to be preferred.  Donations should be viewed as payments for specific action or goods provided for the Cause.  Donors should be thanked and kept informed.  Or, one could sell something folks wanted, for instance yummy food, tee-shirts, or events which were attended not out of a sense of guilt and obligation; but because people wanted to be there for the value of what was presented.  
        I put on such events as crepe dinners and Barbeques generally.  Also sold tee-shirts.  Small fund-raising for small needs.  It surprised me later to see it took the National Party over a decade to come up with $200,000 for an office in DC.  I never supported the idea of having an office in DC, actually.  I thought it should be in a place associated with local action, a small town to focus on local solutions.   
        John Fund was, I thought, a valued activist and former candidate from the Sacramento area who had been employed as Executive Director, working out of an office the LPC had in Northern California.  This was paid for by money from Memberships.  At that time I ran an office on Westwood Blvd., in Los Angeles which was funded voluntarily by local Libertarians. I did not ask for permission and I did not report to the LPC Executive Committee.  The Office was independent. I did the fundraising and made up short-falls, if they took place, myself.  I signed the contract as an individual.  Mind you, I was anything but wealthy but I was committed to the goals I thought were shared by other Libertarians and by the LPC and the National Party.  Over time, and through direct experience, I was disabused of this mistake arising from a cover-up of John's 'activism' in Northern California.  
       Some of these incidents are laid out in John Fund vs The Truth, an article which appeared in AntiWar written by Justin Raimondo, who knew personally of these incidents with the Editor for Antiwar, Eric Garris.  The full impact of this article on myself is not obvious, because although it is placed as original, it is anything but that.  The same day Raimondo's article is published I published, "How the Libertarians lost Liberty: John Fund, Justin Raimondo, and the History of the Libertarian Party"    This story provides personal background on what was going on.  I had contacted Eric Garris, an old friend of mine, to tell him what John was doing to Morgan and to me.  Eric blew me off.  When I was reading the article on Fund by Raimondo it was mid-day, April 26, 2006. I called Lew Rockwell, who told me the two men had decided to go ahead with the article; because it was obvious they would not be rewarded for convering up for him while he was still an activist living in Northern California in the late 1970s - early 198s.
          Another relevant item, which I learned directly from John, was his involvement in the covert campaign to obtain the presidential nomination of the LPC for Ed Clark.  Clark was the Koch candidate and the plans included founding CATO as a 'think-Tank' to provide policy relying on government action.  This conversation was one which made me realize the inherent danger of compromise with a governmental model for action.  Over several years I became a proponent of independent action in the free-market only.  
           Solvency Day went forward because although I had not promised the money I was Southern California Vice-Chairman and therefore thought it my obligation to help pay off the debt to someone I believed had worked for 'us'.  If I had known the facts I would have strenuously objected to hiring Fund in the first place.  
           It appears a group in Northern California was looking for a way to milk the LPC to pay John for 'work' done, not for the LPC, but for the Clark Campaign, which would directly benefit Eric Garris, Justin Raimondo and Murry Rothbard.  Although I was a member of the Radical Caucus, the group to which I then belonged, I was not briefed or asked to comment.  They might have realized I was luke-warm on Clark as a candidate and inclined to support his opposition, Bill Hunscher.  
          Ironic that the Kochs took every dirty subsidy they could get.

         As you read this remember that the Shirley Trauma had taken place just a few months before and I was still shaken and bewildered.  But the lies Shirley had told were hitting me from every direction.  

        Look over the Roasts and you will see what I mean.  At this time my husband, Ron Kellett Foster and I had agreed to divorce and he was spending weekends elsewhere and either dating or playing games such as Dundgeons and Dragons.  We could not afford to live separately until we could sell the house and he had started a room addition and never finished it for years.  
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