The "Throw Mamma From the Train"

Starring:  Craig Franklin, Dan O'Dowd, David Kleidermacher, Dave Chandler, John Fund, Grover Norquist, Judge Thomas Anderle, Jacqueline Miso, Morgan Gell, Rayelan Smith, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester and Laura, Duchess of Manchester, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney,

Supporting Actors:  Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Anne Fisher, Ivory May Kalber. 

Remote Appearance  and disappearing act by U-Day and Glenn Hightower.  

Featuring: Al Franken's Bong, George Soro's Hot Tub, Ben Stein, Regina Russell, Wendy McElroy, Eric Alterman, Katherine Rosman, 

Cameo Appearances by: Arthur Praeger (of the OSS), George W. Bush, Dean Ahmad, Eric Buchanan, Eddy Van Halen,